We have seen the tourism landscape change over the years, and understand that local authorities now need to operate with reduced funding and to be more accountable for their objectives.

To help our clients meet these challenges, we have introduced our Web-in-a-Box solution.

Our Web-in-a-Box solution has been designed to provide clients with a fully responsive website quickly and cost-effectively. First, clients select from a range of theme options including pre-designed wireframes and navigation options to determine the look and feel of the website, then design their colour scheme and enter content in the usual way using the NVG Content Management System (CMS).

The beauty of this solution is that additional features such as social media, sliders, event calendars, mapping and much more can easily be added at any time and at a low additional cost, allowing you to grow your website over time, adding new functionality as required.

The templates also lend themselves well to displaying plenty of imagery in a clear and concise format.

Key Benefits

A low cost fully responsive website that can be tailored to your specific needs and branded accordingly.

Additional functionality and custom features can be added as required, allowing the website to be further developed over time.

Uses the same tools as a bespoke website solution and provides full access to system-wide tools, such as campaign tracking and KPIs.

Latest Web-in-a-Box Website Launches