Website Development

Our web solutions include all the services you would expect from a standard web development company as well as ready to go modules that can instantly bring your tourism data to life.

In addition to standard web design and build services, hosting and support, custom built modules 'for tourism' include advanced and mini product searches, accommodation booking and check out, e-shop and ticketing functionality, travel planning tools and interactive mapping services. All of our functionality is broken down into modules so that they can easily be purchased and integrated as and when time and money allow.

We also provide our own custom built content management system (CMS). This CMS is essential to getting the best out your tourism data on a daily basis. It not only enables destinations to update their own pages and content, but set up mini searches, data listings and data features using all kinds of information from the product database. This is an exclusive feature that is impossible to replicate in standard CMS solutions.

Integrated with the CMS are campaign management tools which enable marketing teams to monitor daily activity for online promotions and sell and monitor banner space using one-off fee and pay-per-click models. Our web team have built over 300 tourism sites, from international award winning portals through to smaller district and attraction sites. Our experience means we can help you get a solid foundation in place right away so energies can be focused on the unique things that matter to your destination.

Content Management System

Our CMS (content management system) provides a fully customisable, state of the art product data and content publishing solution.  Whether you are new to or experienced in website content editing, the desktop and mobile formats of the NVG CMS allow pages and sites to be built quickly and easily.

The flexible and intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface and capability to mix and match static content with dynamic data-driven features are what distinguishes this solution from standard CMS products. Pages are built from a library of re-usable, positionable 'section blocks' designed specifically for use across responsive template breakpoints. Each block allows the creation of content ranging from standard paragraphs and images to multimedia, searches and custom features such as sliders, widgets and interactive maps to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Our unique link-generating tool enables records from the product database to be pulled seamlessly onto your website, adding rich, searchable content. It not only enables you to update your own pages and content, but set up mini searches, data listings and features using all kinds of information. This is an exclusive feature that is impossible to replicate in standard CMS solutions.

You can input meta data for SEO and accessibility on every page, and all features are fully integrated with all other NVG products enabling activity monitoring and data collection

NVG Content Management System
Easy to use section blocks are used to build pages


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Our Web-in-a-Box solution offers a quick and easy way to get your website off the ground.

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