Product Data & Trade Relations

A rich, up to date database of accommodation, attractions, activities and services is the single most important asset for any modern day destination. With an integrated trade relationship platform this allows intelligent management of information which is the lifeblood of websites, kiosks, mobile apps, brochures, campaigns, marketing activities. This is why any successful eTourism project starts with data - get this right and everything else will flow.

NVG specialise in helping destinations set up their data fit for purpose from the beginning. This is as much about helping clients to understand how they can manage the data efficiently long term as getting the tools and technical infrastructure in place. Keeping hundreds of records up to date is no simple task – even with great technology! The focus is on making sure as much data as possible can be managed in a central database that we set up for you. We look at how content can be migrated from existing systems, how it can be published to multiple channels and how businesses can manage their own records through our Guestlink PMS. The mantra is famous: 'in once, out to many'.

The database allows destinations to capture content about any kind of tourism product or feature. You can store all kinds of live details about different types of accommodation, attractions, events, restaurants, conference venues, landmarks, places to visit, business support services, walks and routes (to name a few) and group, theme and present the content in different ways. Flexibility to cut and slice the data and present it creatively on your website is one of our system's most rewarding benefits.

Our milestone trade relationship products use NVG's rich, central databases to deliver an exceptional level of business engagement. Wiring together contact management, data collection, sign up and membership activities, sales promotion, bMarketing and market research, the system integrates activities to intensify interactions with tourism businesses at every turn.

We provide services to help with information collection and trade engagement if resources are tight. This can provide a cost effective alternative for destinations looking to make their operations more sustainable. Talk to us if you need to understand more about how information can work for your destination. Data is our specialist subject and we'd be delighted to demonstrate how it can drive quality across every aspect of your business.

Key Benefits

Customised data repository for any tourism product or feature; from hotels and attractions through to landmarks and walks

Update records only once, but publish it instantly to as many channels as you need

Variety of data updating tools to suit all requirements

Easy migration of content and data from existing systems

Optional data collection and inputting services available as cost effective alternative for destinations with light resources