Training, Advice and Support

NVG provide training in a range of formats including day face-to-face sessions when introducing a new or large area of the system, as well as telephone support and webinars which are most useful for smaller tools or to provide a knowledge top-up.

Our Helpdesk is also available 7 days a week, 363 days a year to deal with day to day enquiries, trouble-shooting and minor support requests. Dedicated Account Managers and Project Leaders are appointed to help destinations roll out projects effectively.

We don't only facilitate project delivery, but also advise on how the technology can be best integrated operationally to improve performance and guarantee an appropriate level of quality. We believe that by getting to know you, we will be able to provide the best tailored solution for your destination. Other support services included as part of our solutions include on-site hosting and monitoring, infrastructure provision and development and deployment consultancy.

NVG's Helpdesk

Key Benefits

Specialist Trainers - Training sessions are conducted by members of the NVG team specialising in that area. This ensures that we can help you to tailor our solutions to your destination.

Multi-skilled Helpdesk guarantees an effective response - Our Helpdesk is manned by members of the NVG team who rotate their activities within the company. Their varied backgrounds in hardware, software and tourism ensure that enquiries can be responded to efficiently, and ensure that clients receive the right balance of support. In 2015, the Guestlink Helpdesk resolved 95% of the 7,955 issues raised by phone on the day they were raised, and 94% of the 4,825 issues raised by email within three days, in addition to dealing with a total of 3,646 enquiries from tourism businesses through the NVG Helpdesk.

Support procedure enables clients to track support requests - Any enquiries that cannot be resolved immediately are classified in line with our internal protocol. This allows for appropriate escalation of urgent queries and enables clients to track progress of requests.