Small Custom Features


Embed a feed of posts from any Facebook user into your page. This block works best in a fairly narrow space.

You can set the block height and choose whether to display the faces of people who like that user's page.


Embed a Twitter feed into your page. This block works best in a fairly narrow space.

You choose whether to display a feed for a user, favourites, list hashtag etc by entering a Widget ID generated in Twitter itself. You can also set the block height.

Google Translate

Add Google Translate into the icon bar on your website. Click the flag in the header bar at the top of the page to see it in action.

The list of language choices is customisable, and for non web-in-a-box sites you can change the icon if you wish.

Google Translate


Embed a YouTube video into your page. This block can be used in a column of any size from fairly narrow to full width.

You can set the player height and whether the video starts playing automatically as soon as the page loads.


The Flickr block allows you to display images from your Flickr account or group in an attractive gallery format.

Flickr Block

Dynamic Snippets

Slim listing and event table dynamic snippets are standard for bespoke websites but a small custom feature for web-in-a-box sites.

The block can be used in any size column and there are many layout choices; below is a wide 'advert' style showing events.

Paint Pallette

Thu 21 Jul 2016 - Thu 31 Dec 2020

Take advantage of the stunning scenery around Adventure Island to practice your artistic skill and try something new. All course materials and equipment are provided.

Baldock 01234 567890



Embed an Instagram feed into your page. This block works best in either a 2/3 or 1/3 space.

Display a feed of your latest image posts from your Instagram account.

Instagram Layout