Medium Custom Features


Embed a Pinterest feed into your page. This block can be used in a column of any size from fairly narrow to full width.

You can select whether to show the feed for a user or a particular board, and can also set the block height.

Dynamic Events Calendar

Embed a dynamic event calendar block into your page. This block works best in a fairly narrow space.

You can select which events to display from a huge range of criteria including event type, festival and geography.

 August 2022>

Poll Maker

The Pollmaker block is used to embed a quiz/survey from the third party provider

This block is available for use on http and https websites. The block is fully responsive and will go in any column size up to Column 1.

CRM Form Block

The CRM form block allows you to embed a data capture form into your page. This block can be used in a column of any width from fairly narrow to full width.

Each form can be given a unique name so that submissions can easily be found. Select whether to just ask for email address or to include postal address and other details, and whether to receive an email notification of each submission. Profiling questions can optionally be added below the form to collect extra information.

Please complete your details below
* required information
Privacy Policy
What are your interests?

Please enter the characters you see below. Click here for a different captcha image.


Add extra navigational signposting to your page. This block is only available in narrow columns.

Each link is a separate block, styled to fit in with the rest of your website. You may have the option to pick the colour of each link.

Ticker Tape

The ticker tape block displays a rolling list (usually at the top of the page) of links that you can create and link to a page or dynamic link.

Content Managed Slider

Add a content-managed slider to your page. This block works in columns of any width; the number of slides that show on the page at any time adjusts automatically to fit the space available.  You can choose whether the slides auto-rotate or if a user has to click an arrow to advance to the next set.  Each slide can include any combination of article, feature and image blocks.

This is an Article block. It has an `intro` section for copy followed by the main body.

Purple Flowers

This is the main body text of an Article block. The image can be floated left or right around the text in the block. You can add an enhanced link in any text block by using the styling in the text editor.

Wooden Bridge

This is a feature block. You can add larger images either above or below the text in the block.  You can add call-to-action buttons in any text block by using the styling in the text editor.


Mountain Climbing

Article Header

You can also add headers to content slides. woman with Travel Guide

The image within this block has been floated left this time. Here is an example of a Call-to-Action button using the alternative styling option.


Feature Header

Woman with Doughnut
You can use any type of slide option in any place on the slider. You can also set whether you want the slider to auto-slide and the time delay between it sliding.

Image Header

Taking a Selfie

Search Tabber

A search tabber gives the visitor multiple searching options for accommodation, non-accommodation and events. You can choose the names of the tabs, which tab displays as the default and set pre-defined criteria (e.g. an area of town).

This block is available in different widths but is best used in a fairly narrow space.


Met Office Weather

Embed a weather feed from the Met Office into your page. This block works best in a fairly narrow space.

Set the town by entering its Location ID from the Met Office website. You can also select whether to display 3, 5 or 7 days.

Google Map Block

A Google Map block allows you to display accommodation, non-accommodation or events pinpointed onto a Google map.  There is also a version of the map block available where customised pins can be created for different product types.

Dynamic Snippets

Slim listing and event table dynamic snippets are standard for bespoke websites but a medium custom feature for Web-in-a-Box sites.

The block can be used in any size column and there are many layout choices; below is a wide 'advert' style showing events.

Global Basket

The global online basket allows visitors to add both accommodation and products from the eShop into a shopping basket and only checkout once. The basket is featured on each page throughout the website to both remind the customer that they are part way through an order and to enable checkout to take place at any point. Behind the scenes the order is split up into parts, so that only the relevant information is sent to each fulfiller.

Global Basket on Visit York

Image with Popup

The Image with Popup block is an enhancement to the free image block. Wording can be added to the image that appears when a visitor hovers over the image. This block can be used in a 1/3, 2/3 or full width space.

Share Block

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Highlight Text Block

The Highlight Text block allows website owners to present specific snippets of text in an animated fashion. There is extra control over the animation type, font, colour and repetition.
Special Offers Available Today!
Get involved in the newest event in your area!
Present text how you like (font, colour, size, alignment, with/without animation)!

Count To

The Count to block displays a number counted up from zero for a more interactive feel on your website. You can choose from a dynamic search to give real time data or set a fixed number.

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