Marketing, CRM & Social Media

NVG's marketing solutions make it possible to maintain and track ongoing personal communications with visitors and develop two-way conversations to build a powerful level of rapport, trust and loyalty.

The NVG CRM solution provides a fully integrated toolset that works across a range of channels to ensure each relationship is maintained and reinforced across all contact points. The system supports targeted communication via fully editable eNewsletters, automated electronic messaging and user generated content.

Consumer sign-up and segmentation is achieved through custom data-capture form creation, profiling technology and flexible registration services. Destinations can integrate CRM at all points of customer contact, enhancing data capture at the point that each booking, purchase and enquiry is made online or via Tourist Information Centres and fulfilment houses. Our solution means that there is no need to introduce third party 'stand alone' CRM systems, as all the details you will need are stored within the marketing database. We also provide a number of other products that can be used to intensify online marketing efforts.

Key Benefits

Integrated setup - As well as reducing costs and saving time, the NVG CRM solution also provides a range of exclusive capabilities.

Automated contact - Communications can automatically be targeted at visitors based on their purchases and behaviour.

Consumer 'lifetime' intelligence – Each customer's history is stored centrally and developed over time to build an in-depth picture useful for targeted marketing.


The eMarketing product provides fully integrated database segmentation, online registration and electronic marketing tools. The Marketing Database automatically imports any customer contacts and intelligence from other parts of your online solution where permission has been granted by the customer for ongoing contact. Contacts can also be imported from other databases and then searched using any range of configurable filters (eg. areas of interest, geographical location etc) or profiling questions. Once filtered, segmented contacts can be exported, sent an e-newsletter or printed to labels.

The eMarketing suite's eNewsletter tool can be used by destinations to design and create their own branded HTML e-newsletters, promotional mailings and bulletins without having to rely on external designers or developers. The tool incorporates a set of pre-defined templates that are created by the client in partnership with NVG’s design team. The tool also incorporates a range of advanced distribution features, such as anti-spam avoidance filters, unsubscribe and non-delivery functions, scheduled processing and personalisation tools.  See further details below in the eNewsletters section.

eMarketing Options in DC.NET


Profiling enables you to set up your own data capture questions and use these anywhere customer details are captured; both from websites, for example with eNewsletter signups or competitions, and in Tourist Information Centres.

Any kind of data can be captured this way, from the choice of publication visitors can request to receive to a competition question or areas of interest. You are in control of form creation and can set up any question, in any format, with any choice of answers, enabling you to capture information relevant to your destination.

Full management capabilities mean that questions and answers can be edited at any time, keeping the information current. Reporting tools allow you both to view the details of each customer enquiry including the profiling information, and to count the number of responses to gauge your visitor demographic.

Profiling answers can also be used in market segmentation activities by passing visitor responses into the Marketing Database for use in targeted campaigns including eNewsletter distribution.

Example Profiling Questions
Example of profiling questions used on Visit Essex website


NVG provide you with a set of customised templates which allow you to easily build attractive and eye-catching eNewsletters. These can be used to send a promotional flyer, promote a single message, quickly provide several information features or develop an online eMagazine.

Links can be added to additional story pages with the flexibility to include YouTube videos. All elements of NVG eNewsletters can be easily edited; including colours and graphics.

Tracking codes can be added to all links to provide clickthrough statistics which are fully integrated with our key performance indicators. The eMarketing and bMarketing products allow eNewsletters to be sent to selected target markets.

Relationship Builder eNewsletters are sent based on automatic triggers, for example after a customer makes a booking or places an enquiry, or before they take up a booking or attend an eShop ticket order performance. Monitoring tools allow opens, unsubscribes, non-delivery and clickthroughs to be monitored in real-time.

eNewsletter by Cumbria Tourism
Example eNewsletter - Cumbria Tourism


Visitors are more likely to trust comments from other visitors than from standard marketing messages. Our unique Guestlink Reviews system allows a visitor to know what to expect from an overnight stay at a hotel or other accommodation provider.

Guestlink reviews can only be left by guests who have actually stayed at the accommodation. A few days after every booking made on any website powered by Guestlink is completed, an email is sent to the guest asking them to share their experiences of the accommodation by clicking on a unique link.

The guest can rate their overall experience plus some specific aspects of their stay from one to five bubbles and write a short review. The accommodation provider can view their reviews in Guestlink, and write a reply if they wish.

Visitors are able to search for properties based on review criteria, such as the highest ranking reviews and a large number of reviews. We also provide a data snippet that allows you to highlight reviewed businesses which you can set to certain criteria (e.g. only display reviews left in the last two days).

Guestlink Reviews on
Guestlink Reviews on