Website Functionality

These purchasable extras are built to enhance not only the user experience of your website but increase your level of control of the site.

With the enhanced functionality you have the choice for added themes and an image gallery which can extend the variations with in the design of your website. Universal searches, widgets and mapping solutions can help assist the SEO and marketing of your site.

Dynamic Widgets

The Dynamic Widgets tool allows the creation of data snippets for inclusion on third-party sites.

The data is still held on the main visitor website so there is no hosting resource implication imposed upon the third party website. The widgets include inbound links back to the visitor website meaning this benefits the client’s SEO as well as boosting visitor numbers.

Widget options include interactive maps, events listings and tables, sliders and eShop product promotions. These can be sold to local businesses as an additional revenue source for clients.

Dynamic Widgets on Lake Vyrnwy Tourism website
Dynamic Widgets example


Google Mapping

We harness the full power of Google mapping by integrating it with product data. This allows you to display information dynamically based on the criteria you choose, all set up in the CMS. We use Google mapping on business listings not only to show their location but also what else might be nearby.

Enhanced Mapping

The hotspot is created using a custom graphic or illustration and overlaying content manageable pop-ups allowing the inclusion of inspirational content. Each map point can link to either content or dynamic pages.

Google Mapping with customised pins on
Google Mapping with customised pins


Example of Guestlink and TripAdvisor reviews on

Guestlink reviews can only be left by guests who have actually stayed at the accommodation. A few days after every booking made on any website powered by Guestlink is completed, an email is sent to the guest asking them to share their experiences of the accommodation by clicking on a unique link.

The guest can rate their overall experience plus some specific aspects of their stay from one to five bubbles and write a short review. The accommodation provider can view their reviews in Guestlink, and write a reply if they wish.

Visitors are able to search for properties based on review criteria, such as the highest ranking reviews and a large number of reviews. We also provide a data snippet that allows you to highlight reviewed businesses which you can set to certain criteria (ie. only display recent reviews left in the last two days).

TripAdvisor reviews can also be added to individual business pages alongside the Guestlink reviews.

Advert Manager

Advert Manager example

Advert Manager provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue from your website by creating online advertising space. Banner positions on the homepage and key landing pages within the site can be offered for sale to tourism businesses to provide an additional income stream and enhance the commerciality of the site.

Each spot can be configured to either always show one advert, or to pick one from a list each the page is loaded. Adverts can be uploaded in advance of appearing on the site, allowing tourism businesses to sign up at any time for adverts that will appear later in the year, and each advert can either be set to appear until a specific date or for a limited number of clicks.

Adverts are linked in with our Campaigns products, with daily and monthly click-through statistics available to you. For adverts that link through to property or venue details pages, the tourism business can also monitor how their advert is doing and their return on investment through statistics available in Guestlink.

Key Benefits

Generate additional income - Maximise the potential to make money from your website by selling advertising spots in key positions.

Fully customisable - You can choose where to place advert spots on your content managed website to encourage visitors to click through. You have full control over the number of adverts shown in each spot, and when they appear.

Save time by pre-loading adverts - As each advert is given a start date plus either an end date or number of clicks to appear for, adverts can be uploaded in one go and will gradually appear throughout the year as their start dates pass.

Integrated reporting - It is important to be able to closely monitor the performance of each advert spot, to determine which perform best, and determine sales value. Daily statistics allow a real-time analysis, with monthly figures also provided for longer term trend analysis.


As visitors are browsing your site, they will be noticing places to stay, things to do and places to go that they may be interested in. In one click, these items can be added into a Shortlist which can then be saved or printed.

The website shortlist shows a convenient at-a-glance list of the name and a small picture of each property, venue, event or itinerary. The customisable printout includes full contact details, directions, a description, opening times and prices for each item on the shortlist, designed to give the visitor a convenient personalised guide to take with them on their trip.

Shortlists Functionality on
Shortlists Functionality on

News and Blogs

The CMS News template allows for the automatic creation of an indexed series of articles. This may be used for press releases, a dedicated blog, a news section or reference material. News items can be categorised to enable visitors to read up on news relevant to them, be it developments, updates, trip ideas, etc. The index shows a summary of each story with a link to the full article. An RSS feed may be generated for each News or Blog folder.
Blog on
Blog on


Our Pass System allows you to create and sell tickets for attractions and events from the eShop, a TIC or from a venue or property.

A pass can contain a number of eTickets (e.g. multi-attraction passes) or just one eTicket. eTickets are content managed and include a QR code, barcode and identifying number for redemption purposes. Visitors can print their own ticket once it has been purchased, or can present it to the attraction from a mobile device.

Time limits can be added the eTicket (ie. a pass could only last 24 hours from the first use). The attraction validates the pass via their preferred method (scanning the QR code, barcode or manually checking the pass number). The system identifies whether the pass has already been used or is able to be redeemed more than once.

Example of a Pass ticket on Staffordsheer Escapes
Example of a Pass ticket on


Themes can be used to target tourism experiences and products at specific audiences using interest areas such as lifestyle, activity, season, product speciality and location.

Themes provide powerful, targeted marketing opportunities, enabling destinations to market and present content in ways that appeal to specific market segments and audiences. This can be achieved via themed sections or focussed microsites within your website. Once theme concepts are designed, our powerful content management system will allow you to keep the theme up to date or add additional pages.

A themed section typically includes a special landing page with links to listings to support the theme. The CMS enables destinations to run a search on the data using any kind of thematic criteria and link to the listings. So for a seasonal theme, in November, the destination could identify all firework displays and set up a link to the listings.

For more bespoke or high profile campaigns, NVG can work with clients to develop branded sections on microsites that mirror the visual style of a campaign to enhance appeal to targeted visitors. These will typically include several branded pages with a sub-navigation in the main site. As well as custom designed themes, NVG already provide a number of set themes that can easily be integrated into websites including special offers, downloads, itineraries, walking routes and venues (conferences). Dedicated URLs, site promotions, KPIs and other types of targeted content can also be used to enhance the impact of the campaign.

Examples of common themes include: Conferences, Special Offers, Downloads and Itineraries.

Key Benefits

Appeal to niche markets - Design site sections to reflect the interests and content of specific markets.

Additional listings - Use additional data to provide specific data for special offers, itineraries, routes, downloads and conference venues.

Target design - Use colour and graphics to enhance the appeal of subsets of data, for example to reflect seasonal promotions.

Use as campaign driver - Match the branding and messages of a marketing campaign.

Enhance SEO - Dedicated landing pages for specific markets improve density of content; this can be further enhanced through page optimisation.

Routes & Tours

Use a Routes & Tours theme to encourage visitors to explore your area. Routes can include city trails, countryside walks, long-distance footpaths, bridleways, mountain biking trails and road routes for cycling or driving.

A specialised search form allows visitors to search for suitable routes, which display using customised pages showing full details of each route. Long distance footpaths can be shown both as individual days and a complete tour. Accommodation may be booked for each day and for tours of several days an automatic search option is provided which allows a user to search and book places to stay for successive nights of a tour.

Example of the Routes and Tours Theme

Universal Site Search

With the advent of Google, searching has become second nature to most web users. Our universal search integrates all website content allowing a visitor to easily search across your website.

Visitors can enter a keyword and automatically search all content on the website including information added through content management and through product records.

Results presented in a list using a similar format to Google search results.

Site search on
Site search on

Provider Multimedia

Provider multimedia allows you to extend a provider's entry on your website with images, videos, 360 displays and YouTube videos. These are all displayed in a separate gallery with associated captions. The display of multimedia is controlled by publishing options so that you can monetise this option. Images and multimedia may be loaded by yourselves through DC.Net or by providers through Guestlink.

Automated Sitemap

A sitemap is a great way of allowing both visitors and search engines to see at-a-glance all that your website offers. However, if updated manually, sitemaps can easily become incomplete and out-of-date, or take a large amount of resource to remain relevant and useful.

NVG's sitemap is generated dynamically and updated automatically each night to ensure that each and every page on the website is included. Content-managed pages are listed by folder; click on a folder to see a list of all the pages within it.
Dynamic content is also included; click on a town to see categorised lists of the accommodation and non-accommodation nearby. For sites with an eShop, the sitemap also includes an alphabetical by section list of all products and tickets.

Sitemap example
Sitemap example

Accommodation listings

Accommodation data is normally displayed with an integrated search.  There are lots of options for controlling the display of both the listing and the detailed pages.

Sample accommodation

Sample self-catering grid 1

Sample serviced grid 3

Venue listings

Venue data can be determined by a variety of groups, categories and types which will impact the data you will receive.

Venue Listing

Sample Venue

Sample Venue

Event listings

For events listings, you can set to see events within a certain time period as well as any facilities you may require.

Event Listing

Sample Event

Sample Event