Around Me App

Around Me App

The 'Around Me' app uses mapping and imagery to showcase your destination. Powerful, customisable location and filter options ensure that the app can easily be used by the visitor wherever they are and whatever their interests. For example, a visitor can search for activities around their current location during their trip or investigate the best areas to visit for family attractions while planning their visit. You choose the filters that reflect your destination.

The app is driven from your data (both accommodation and non-accommodation) using webservices, with the data cached on the phone. This means the information is automatically kept up-to-date but the visitor can explore the region even when they have no signal.

A link from each entry can go to a mobile site to promote bookability and tickets or to the provider's own site.

The app launches with a series of 'home sliders' which automatically select entries. These can be used to highlight 'must sees', promote sponsored areas or contain advertorial content. Using GPS technology, the 'around me' option allows the visitor to locate themselves on the map or link to google map to find routes to any entry in the app.

The Around Me app is available in both iOS and Android versions.  A specific tablet version of our Around Me app has also been developed for iPads.  The navigation provides the user with a fixed left hand column that allows for the search options and results to be displayed beside the map pinpointing results.

The full listing utilises the right hand column which maximises the 'real estate' space for displaying the item’s rotating image gallery, description, related items and further communication links.  The app also responds to screen rotation and displays in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Key Benefits

Fully customisable - App will be tailored for your destination including location, filters and look and feel.

Promotional pages - The app launches with a series of pages which provide quick access to specific aspects of your destination. These pages can be used for sponsorship.

Cached data - Intelligent use of data caching means that the most up-to-date information is available whatever the visitors' connectivity.

Bookable - Accommodation bookability is integrated using online eCommerce options.

Dynamically configured - App is configured using webservices so that it can grow and reflect changes in your destination and marketing strategy.

Around Me Apps:

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Around Me App Add-On: Offers

Around Me App Add-Om: Offers

The Offers section is an optional extra for the Around Me App, allowing visitors to receive offers from businesses within the vicinity of their current location.

A specific Offers tool in controls the types of offers, which businesses can add offers, and allows offers to be added and published. Businesses can also add their offers using their Guestlink login.

Offers can optionally have a QR coded voucher so that usage can be tracked as well as limiting numbers of vouchers overall and by device. Offers appear within a few minutes on devices and can also be made to appear on NVG websites.

Visitors receive an alert when they are within 50 metres of an offer location or when a new offer is added.

Around Me App Add-On: Offers

Around Me App Add-On: Offers
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Walks and Trails App

Eastbourne Trails App

The Walks and Trails app allows visitors to embark on waymarked walks and trails.

Each point allows for detailed information to be made available such as descriptions, key facts, links to further information and media (images, video and audio). Points of interest are also set up which can either be linked to a waymarked point or be an overall complimentary point (ie. a historical fact, accommodation, an attraction).

Directions are included to easily enable visitors to move between points, utilising mapping. Clear and simple navigation means that visitors can easily complete the route, whilst still having access to further detailed information if they require it.

Again, data is cached directly to the device, enabling visitors to still access information and use the app effectively when they have limited or no mobile signal or Wifi access. Content is dynamically updated each day directly to the device with no need for an new version release.

iOS and Android versions of the app are available.

Walks and Trails Apps:

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