System Access, Users & Statistics

Systems Overview

All products and services are provided to clients on a fixed term basis. This means we remain committed to maintaining and upgrading products for the duration of your contract. We don't just sell you some software and then walk away.

Solutions are generally made up of a series of products:

Destinations and stakeholders access our solution via a single interface, DC.NET, which provides a one-stop-shop for all tools. Developed using .NET technology, this can be accessed via the web from any location. Each user's logon group controls the functionality displayed and access level granted. This allows us to display only the tools and data necessary to that user. It makes the interface deceptively simple and allows for clear, uncluttered navigation and display. A standard DC.NET access level includes a range of basic products and tools including Access & Permissions, Information Tools, KPIs, Trade Tools, Publishing and basic CRM Tools. A DC.NET license can be shared by an unlimited number of users, but only used concurrently by one.

Free lite solutions are issued for basic access to DC.NET. These are mainly used by small tourist information centres to search for product information and enter events data.

Optional Solutions and Products
An extensive range of solutions and products can be added to the standard DC.NET setup as and when required. This includes CRM, eShop and Data Stewardship functionality. This approach means every destination can customise the tooling to their own needs.

DC.NET Dashboard
The DC.NET dashboard allows you to `favourite` commonly used tools and provides alerts for any actions required by the user.

System Access

The Access & Permissions tool enables DC.NET administrators to determine what data and tools different users and sub-groups can access within the system. This means that the capability and data displayed in DC.NET can be fine-tuned to the user’s needs and rights. For example, a county-level organisation might want to set administration rights so that a tourist information centre (TIC) can only edit records for properties in the TIC's local area.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports are developed for each core platform tool. The reports are custom designed to draw maximum intelligence from the platform's data structure and are compiled both monthly and in realtime depending on when the data is needed for delivery purposes.

The KPI solution combines performance in any given business area - for example, web hits and bounces can be analysed alongside booking data from Guestlink. Key features include summary level reporting for quick comparison, custom search and filter tools, graphical and custom presentation options, regional benchmarking, sort and export options and the ability to drill down to record level.